Landscape Photos


Walking to the Sky, Carnegie Mellon University

Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

New York

New York

911 Memorial, New York (Front: Memorial of victims of 911, Back: the newly built One World Trade Center)

Night of Pyongyang, Pyongyang, North Korea

Military Demarcation Line, Panmunjom, North Korea

Around a subway terminal, Pyongyang, North Korea

Lake Tahoe, Neveda

Grand Canyon, USA

Photos contain me


Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh (Photo by Junxing Wang)

With Junxing Wang, Carnegie Mellon University

With Fei Xia and Xun Zheng, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

With Jason Lv, Song Ye and Yi Feng, Pyongyang, North Korea (Photo by Wenmiao Hu)

Machine Learning & Application, Fudan University, China (Photo by Ye Zhou)

NIPS, Lake Tahoe, Neveda (Photo by Wei Dai)